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Quality adult child ratios

Our quality adult child ratios are over Government regulated requirement:

Our philosophy

“We believe in quality and respectful experiences with interactions that foster individual children’s ongoing learning, supporting them to become confident and independent to enhance their practical and social life skills”

Our committments:

  • Modelling inclusion and respect for everyone
  • Offering an environment that is welcoming and nurturing
  • Promoting our bicultural heritage and supporting multicultural backgrounds
  • Providing an enriched learning programme
  • Promoting creativity and discovery through play and social interaction
  • Building positive relationships with families
  • Keeping families regularly informed regarding their child’s ongoing learning and development

Settling children

Families are welcome and encouraged to spend time with their children at our centre before leaving them. We recommend bringing your child for a few visits before starting regular attendance. The duration of time and frequency may vary depending on each child so we will communicate with families regarding this.

These visits help with settling in. Children and their families then can establish a feeling for the overall environment. It is also an opportunity for communicating and sharing information about your child with the teachers.

Under 2’s have key teacher’s working with children as they transition into our centre. Key teachers work closely with the children and their families supporting them throughout the transition process and with their ongoing care.

quality-adult-child-ratiosCountry Creche’s large outdoor spaces means children can explore and learn about the natural world around them.

Our centre provides a visually appealing environment. This engages children with several areas of play that extends their knowledge and thinking.

We support children with setting their own goals while being active participants in a range of experiences. This combination will benefit their holistic development and build their self esteem.

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