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General Info


Opening hours

Monday to Friday
7.30am – 5.30pm.

We are closed on public holidays and shut down over the Christmas/New Year period (dates to be confirmed annually).


Healthy morning and afternoon tea’s are provided by the centre and families provide lunch. Children staying for lunch need to bring their own packed lunch in a named lunch box. The centre has facilities to heat food for lunches.

A weekly menu is displayed in each building for families to refer to regarding the food offered at meal times. Children with food allergies and intolerances will be catered for in consultation with families. The centre supplies sipper cups, face cloths, bibs and spoons. Water is offered at each meal time and between meals as required.

The centre has a nut free policy, due to children with severe allergies. We ask that treats and food containing nuts remain at home. Children staying after 4.30pm have a snack before going home which also needs to be provided by families.

Bottles and nappies

Please bring your baby’s own  bottle and clearly named breast milk, rice milk or formula mixture. Please also provide your child’s nappies (cloth, reusable or disposable). Spare disposables and milk sachets are available at a cost of $1.00 each. The centre has wet wipes but if you prefer to supply your own then please notify the teachers.


Please dress your child in clothes that are suitable for play and exploration. It is advisable to send at least one set of extra clothes and a hat with your child. We ask that you please name all items of clothing. In winter include gumboots, jackets and slippers. During the summer months we suggest packing togs and rash suits for children to enjoy water play activities. If your child is toilet training please bring lots of spare underpants and trousers.

The centre provides sunblock from the Cancer Society during the summer months. All accounts are charged a $2 fee at the start of summer to help towards the cost of sunblock. Please advise the centre if you would prefer to supply your child’s own sunblock.


Please write any medications that your child is on in the “medicine book” and inform the teachers.  Any child who is on a course of antibiotics should not be at the centre for at least 24 hours after commencing their medicine.


Please keep your child away from the centre if they are unwell. If your child becomes ill while attending the centre you will be notified and your child will be required to be collected as soon as possible. Several illnesses have a minimum exclusion period of 24 hours before a child is able to return to the centre. There is an infectious diseases chart on the notice board in each building for reference. Please contact the centre if you have any concerns or queries regarding this.


Permisision to take children on short excursions near the centre is requested at enrolment.  When taking children on trips in vehicles, families will be informed and their written consent must be given prior to the event. Legal and quality adult to child ratios will be adhered to at all times during outings and excursions.

Car seats

Situated in the car park is a shed to place car seats if required. The centre also has spare car seats when needed. Please speak to the teachers if you need to request a car seat at anytime.

Signing in

Please remember to sign children in and out daily. This is a requirement from the Ministry of Education.  The centre needs prior notification if someone else is collecting a child. Please ensure that you provide the teachers with a name and description of the person collecting your child. Children will not be permitted to leave with someone unless the centre is notified and permission has been given.

Newsletter & Noticeboards

We believe in the importance of communication and consultation between the centre and families. We send out monthly newsletters to keep families updated and informed about what is happening in the centre. We have an extensive list of policies and procedures that are reviewed monthly. We also have a library in each building with a range of resources for families to access. All  buildings have notice boards with additional information for families to refer to. If you would like to request a meeting or want to speak to the management and/or supervisors then please contact the centre regarding this.