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Hourly rate: $7.25

Daily rate: $48.50
(capped at 7 hours per day)

Weekly charge: $230.00
(full time attendance)

The centre is flexible with hours as we are an all day centre (not sessional). Fees are based on an hourly rate, moving to the daily rate when 7 hours or more per day is booked. There is no minimum of hours for children to attend unless they are receiving the 20 hours ECE, please refer to the policy requirements below.

20 hours ECE

The centre offers the 20 hours ECE Policy (6 hours per day maximum, 20 hrs per week) education and care for all children aged 3-6 years old. Children receiving the 20 hours ECE Policy are required to attend a minimum of 2 days for 6.5 hours per day. When children turn 3 years old they can access the 20 hours ECE.
The centre fees above this subsidised care are as follows:

  • Daily rate: $24.50 (capped at 7 hours)
  • 2 days: $49.00
  • 3 days: $73.50
  • 4 days: $114.00
  • Weekly charge: $150.00 (full time attendance)

Note: if a child does not attend the centre for 21 consecutive days then all funding from the Ministry of Education ends and full centre fees will be charged for continued absence.


The centre requires a bond of 2 weeks fees before enrolment, based on your child’s booked hours. The bond needs to be paid 2 weeks prior to the commencement date to ensure your child’s booking is secured. If for any reason your child does not end up attending the centre, the bond is non-refundable. The bond will be refunded when your child leaves the centre, less any outstanding fees at that time.


All accounts are expected to be paid one week in advance at all times. Weekly online payment is preferred but fees can also be paid by cash or cheque at the centre. There are no eftpos/credit card facilities available. Overdue fees of 4 weeks or more may result in your child’s booking being cancelled and a 10% penalty fee added. Weekly payment of fees is expected. Full fees are payable for any absences due to illness.

Family holidays

One week of a child’s booking during the year can be taken at 50% with 2 weeks prior written notification. Additional weeks are at full price. All public holidays are at full charge except when the centre closes over the Christmas/New Year period. There is no charge to families while the centre is shut over the Christmas/New Year period.


Subsidies are available. Contact the centre manager for further details and an application form or phone Winz direct on 0800 559 009.

Late fee

$10.00 per 5 minutes if your child is not picked up by 5.30pm. The centre is licenced to provide care and education for children only from 7.30am – 5.30pm (Monday – Friday).